The UK’s first all-female graffiti exhibition is coming to Canterbury on the 3rd February. We caught up with Akit, 32, from the Girls On Top Graffiti Crew to find out what’s in store…

How many people do you expect to come to the event? I've absolutely no idea! I'm more concerned with the calibre of visitors, i.e. those with money to buy the artwork or agents looking to sign us up, or people looking to commission us to undertake illustrations, projects and more events like these!

What is the purpose of the event? Just to showcase the style of ladies who dabble with spraycans.

Is this exhibition to show that you're as handy as the men in this field? A lot of people see this as some sort of battle, but I don't believe any of the girls in the show feel this way, or see it as their motivation for the show. I'm a feminist, but more than that I'm a humanist! A magazine asked us if we were taking over graf and that's just ridiculous, we just wanna play too!

The GOT Crew is gaining quite a reputation, what’s next for you? Gosh who knows what the future holds for GOT? All sorts of lovely things I hope! We have a tentative booking to do a show in the Rarekind Gallery in Brighton. A few of us have been asked to paint at a graf convention in Berlin, but that's all so far. We had the first GOT paint jam last year and we will definitely have future graf jam days, that's standard in the graf world anyway, we love to meet up and paint together.

Akit is a freelance illustrator and painter working in West London. For further info, click on to her website.

Words: Elisa Routa