Always on the search for the perfect wave, this year Rip Curl launched the Tip to Tip mission, a 6 month boat trip through Indo during which a plethora of Rip Curl surfers, photographers, film makers and water lovers have joined the boat, broadcasting a series of surf chapters across the internet.

So far the mission's been a bit of a dude fest, but at last this month the girls get on board - taking over the rig with some surfing, singing, fishing and feasting. Oh yeah we're not jealous at all.


Tune it to the Tip to Tip website to catch a peak of episode 4 'A Girls Touch' with Steph Gilmore, Alana Blanchard, Bethany Hamilton and Tyler Wright; the vanguard of women’s professional surfing.

Despite the girls' high speed high pressure lives; Steph World Champion and media icon, Alana Blanchard a popular number on the media circus, Bethany pro surfer AND Hollywood starlet, and Tyler youngest winner of an ASP World Tour; take them out to the sparkling seas and strand them on a boat with only surf, guitars and swimming for entertainment and the group come into their own.


Stay tuned over the next week to discover a fresh side of Indo and meet the real Steph, Alana, Bethany and Tyler… it’s pretty entertaining.