I am finally home from tons of travelling. I actually got to squeeze in a little vacation to Cabo, Mexico with my boyfriend Tim for my 25th birthday on December 1st.

Since then I have been working closely with my sponsors Patagonia (in my hometown of Ventura), Etnies Girl (with their Toys for Tots giveaway day last thursday) and Robert August (with designing a Mary Osborne surfboard logo). So as you can see even though I am home I have been super super busy still. The winter swells have slowly arrived which has put a huge smile on my face! All the rent I have been paying to live on the beach is finally paying off....wahhhoo!!!

I am home through the holidays and into new years and then off to Mammoth for a little snowboarding even though I am like a fish out of the water in the Mountains. I hope everyone has a great holiday season!

Mary Osborne