I have been wakeboarding for just over 2 years now. I got into it through my brother’s friend, who dragged a bunch of us down the local lake to try kneeboarding. A few laps of the cable later and I was hooked. I tried wakeboarding the following day, caught a lot of front edges, and progressed from there… first rail... first kicker… first invert…

I am now sponsored by Animal www.animal.co.uk (sickest brand!!), and am on the British Cable Wakeboard Squad. I placed 2nd at the Nationals last year and am hoping to go to the Europeans this August. I ride most days in the summer down at Princes Cable in Ashford Middlesex, and this winter I have been riding at Bli Bli Cable Park on the Sunshine Coast in Australia. I’m a bit of a rail monkey, so the park in Aus was wicked, as it is jam packed with sliders.

Unfortunately, I broke my ankle a couple of days ago trying a half cab roll (that’s a switch backroll with a 180). I came down super sketchy and snap… whoops! It means I can’t ride in the Nationals in 2 weeks time, but hopefully the cast will be off in 6 weeks so I can get back on the water quickly and land that bloody trick!!

In the meantime, I’m going to be thinking about riding… a lot, taking photos of my friends down at the lake and doing some work experience with Cooler. I’ve decided to be positive and try my best to stay proactive!

Besides wakeboarding, I love to snowboard, play racket sports, do car boot sales and go to the beach… Basically anything where I get to be outside and active!! I hope that I can continue to progress wakeboarding, learn heaps of new tricks and achieve good comp results at an international level.

Most importantly, I want to keep having fun, stay fit, and ride as much as I can, for as long as I can.

Steph : )

PS: Find a cable near you and give wakeboarding a go! It’s a great crossover sport for snowboarders and it’s an awesome upper body workout! (If you’re London based, then Princes Club is super convenient, as it’s just off Junction 13 on the M25. www.princesclub.com )