We like to play this game, Sam (the editor) and I, called ‘If you were a brand, what would you be?’

For the past year, I have been Insight (pictured left). Everything about the indie Aussie surf brand thrills me - from the cool neon stickers to the quirky styling to the award winning ad campaigns that would give most set designers a coronary (and yes I have got them as my screen saver). Every season I want EVERY design in the lookbook, and I want to look like the girl modelling them. I nearly wept with joy when I found an outlet in Seignosse selling Insight from season’s past at knockdown prices. I bought so much the shop assistant threw in a free T shirt. Sad I know. It’s hard to describe, I guess it’s like a girl crush (mine at the moment is Alexa Chung btw).

I think it’s a sign that I’m getting old or, as I prefer to say, that my tastes are maturing. Either way, it’s Insight for laydies (said in a David Walliams voice). I like it so much I’ve written about it in the style news in issue 13.

Sam, on the other hand, is Howies (pictured left): ethical, caring, understated. She owns a wormery and grows herbs in her garden. Need I say more?

Try it, it says more about your personality than an hour in the psychologist’s chair.