On June 20, 2008, surfers from around the world will wax their surfboards and catch a wave in honor of International Surfing Day (ISD). Established four years ago by the Surfrider Foundation and Surfing Magazine, International Surfing Day is the one day a year where surfers from around the globe come together to celebrate the sport of surfing and pitch in to give back to oceans, waves and beaches.

As is tradition, the Surfrider Foundation will commemorate the day by hosting various coastal clean-up and restoration events around the world. However, this year there will also be a new twist in the form of special ISD 'challenges' whereby the public will be able to compete for prizes by participating in a wide range of activities ranging from beach clean-ups, to film-making and art contests.

For more info on International Surfing Day, including information on challenges and event locations, go to the event website.