Lipstick Productions is a the first all girls Euro shred flick crew and we're proud to be partnering up with them to bring you all their shred love from the first trips until the finished movie!

The company is set up by riders for riders, a plattform for girls to go riding, shooting and filming together all over Europe. And with a crew consisting of Conny Bleicher, Julia Baumgartner, Aimee Fuller, Lisa Filzmoser, Basa Stevulova, Margot Rozies, Anne-Flore Marxer, Ana Rumiha and many many more, you can be sure they got all the big guns in Euroland on board.

Last weekend they went on their first little backcountry mission and this is what went down...

Last weekend a crew, consisting of Julia, Tini [Gruber], photographer Flo, our filmer Sophie and myself (unfortunately Margot couldn´t join as she hurt her knee a little bit. She is well again!), went to Fieberbrunn for our first backcountry mission. We had heard it had snowed a lot in this area… indeed! The only problem was that there was no base. On Saturday we were looking for spots the whole day together with some of the MOG crew and found a nice road gap in the end. But as the kicker was built, the sun was gone… bummer!

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