Plug in those lava lamps and spark up your joss sticks for this issue we’re feeling pretty damn groovy – all hail the winter of love!

We’re rocking a 60s-style intergalactic vibe on the cover with one of the steeziest snowboarders on the planet – Czech wonder Sarka Pancochova. She’s progressive, fearless and fond of soaring like an eagle off a kicker. Who isn’t? Ellis Scott shot her exclusively for the cover in London and we chatted about her humble origins, feeling no love for the FIS and why having good style in snowboarding matters.

Other issue highlights include:

- A backcountry trickfest with Cheryl Maas and Kimmy Fasani

- Styling it up with snow rail ninja Jess Kimura

- Slopestyle in the Winter Olympics – woo or boo?

- Chatting to Spanish pipe star Queralt Castellet

- Sawing snowboards in half to make hike-tastic splitboards

- Why I snowboard by Lisa Filzmoser

- We interview Europe’s best female surfer Pauline Ado

- Bikes and illustration with Saskia Haex

- The lost arts of hitchhiking and bookbinding

- We profile 10 of the best snowboard parks

- Travel guide to Rotterdam, city of bikes and, er, beer for breakfast

- And we interview the band Trailer Trash Tracys

Plus plenty of news and views on everything from boardsports to bikes, and the best sport & street fashion in the galaxy, including freakishly bright goggles, Christmas jumper chic, Poison Ivy-inspired trends, the sickest backpacks, eco nail varnish and shapeshifting snow outerwear styled by Poppy Smith and shot by Nicole Maria Winkler.

It’s finally ssssssnowtime – woop woop woooooo!

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