So some numpty (me) lost the camera lead so I've been unable to get the photos off my waterproof and shockproof (vital attributes for a camera) little Olympus. But I managed to track down a card reader, so at last the pictures from our cover shoot in Morocco the week before last and ISPO are on the laptizza and ready to go.

Saying Pah! to the credit crunch and sticking two fingers up at the shit British weather, we headed back out to Morocco to stay with the dudes at Surf Maroc for the third time in the last year to shoot Roxy longboarder Candice O'Donnell for our Apr/May cover. Yes it was hot, yes Anchors was pumping (although work did get in the way of pleasure, goddamit) and yes we shot the best cover yet. Ok, I know I say that every time we shoot the cover, but this time I mean it.