As snowboarding is not much different from other actions sports, girls are always underrepresented in media - if it's not focused on girls in the first place like we are for example.

But instead of moaning and complaining about the old gender gap we should take action and combine our female powers, which is exactly what Lynsey Ashdown and Helen Fox have done with the Heel Edge Project. Following amazing pioneers like Peepshow, they decided to create their own British snowboard movie to give shreddettes the coverage they deserve.

And as a true grass roots thing, they're happy for anyone who wants to get involved joining them! So send them all footage you can find of yourself or friends from this winter, no matter if park, backcountry or domes and dryslopes to and join their Facebook group

And to up your motivation, here's a little teaser they did in Mayrhofen: More Snowboarding >>