What do snowboarders do the summer before their fourth Winter Olympics? If they're Kjersti Buaas (below), who we're also stoked to announce is OUR NEXT COVER STAR woop woop, they learn permaculture in Hawaii, head to NZ for some shred time and then host a Radical Wellness Retreat in Costa Rica with their buddy and fellow pro shredder Chanelle Sladics (above). Sweet!

The trip, which will take place at a luxe beach house in Playa Negra, Costa Rica, is organised through Real Surf Trips from September 14-21. And promises a focus on "nutrition, meditation, breath-work, presentness, flexibility, and yin/yang balance through physical "rock n roll" activities like surfing, SUP, yoga and diving."


Kjersti says:

I am so grateful that Chanelle and I get to host "The Womens Radical Wellness Retreat" in Costa Rica. It is an honour to share common ground and work with Real Surf Trips, as our philosophy for life is similar. We aim to play and learn through surfing, SUP, yoga, cooking, reading, watching documentaries and other fun activities and want to expand our vision on how to live in harmony with our beautiful earth. I am confident it will be a week filled with laughs, passion, love, connections, activity and growth!

Chanelle, credit: Chris Grant

And Chanelle said:

My passion for health, the environment, snowboarding, SUP, surfing, diving and yoga has inspired me to start camp retreats in remote locations to immerse "campers" in nature to use their mind, body, and soul to reconnect with who they are, what they are capable of, and have a blast! Real Surf Trips are great partners to initiate this camp series as their location in Costa Rica is very sustainability focused with lots of yummy local farm fresh foods to eat, the local surf breaks are epic, diving is nearby, yoga is everywhere.

Head to Real Surf Trips for more info