Name: Kristina Westad

Age: 17

From: Molde/Aalesund, Norway

Sponsors: Etnies, Aloha Hemp and G-Turn Distribution

Briefly describe yourself… I'm a female skateboarder outta Norway. I consider myself an artist, landing new tricks and then taking them to a new lever or spot. I enjoy what I do, It makes me relax and I get stoked about life. Creativity is the most important thing in life…

Talk us through your average day… In the morning I’m sleepy. During the day I’m at school. When I get home I’m lazy. After dinner I’m skating. In the evening I’m studying. At night I'm in a coma.

How long have you been riding? As long as I can remember. I got my first board when I was seven, or, my dad made it for me. Success! I guess I’ve taken skateboarding seriously for about 5-6 years.

Best achievement: 4th place at the Mystic Cup in Prague 2006; 2nd place at the Etnies European Open in Munich 2006; 1st place at the All Girl Skate Jam UK 2006.

Best trick: I guess BS Flip but it depends on which obstacle I do it on. I think when I did it up a wembley gap was the greatest feeling yet.

Scariest moment: Spending the night at a Clubhouse during a Girl Skate Camp in Trondheim, Norway, being woken up by a crazy drugged down guy hitting a snow shovel at the front door. And then throwing a trash can through the window near my bed! Thought I was going to be killed, raped and fed to the polar bears and Eskimos. But when he saw there was people in the house (and heard me screaming higher than a monkey during mating season) he just walked away…

Favourite riders: Evelien Builliard, Henning Braathen, Jo Lorentz and Ruben Rodriguez.

Favourite place to ride and why: Prague: Absinth and cheap drunkness, good skatespots, warm weather and nice people.

What essential items do you pack in your suitcase for a trip? My iPod, shoesshoesshoes, makeup, hairdryer, stickers and a picture of my lovely live-in lover!

Top 3 tunes: Metric – Dead Disco; Placebo – Song To Say Goodbye; Aperfectcircle - Passive.

How do you stay in shape? I don’t…

Top training tip: Eat junk food and play Need For Speed Carbon on your Xbox 360. LOVE!

Favorite foods: Fårikål, Tacos, Meatballs in brown sauce with potatoes, Tortilla de patatas.

Must-have beauty product: Powder for a cold country where my face gets red by watching TV.

Favourite clothing brands: Volcom, Etnies and Aloha Hemp.

Fashion tip: Stripes are out!

Favourite quote: Some lead, some follow and some change everything.

Before I die I want to: Kick George W. Bush in the ass. Finish studies and become a teacher. Make the world a better place to live in for the people around me...