Lazy Oaf is proud to present their latest collection designed exclusively for the UK’s most innovative gallery and art institution, Tate. This collection has been designed for like-minded creatives who like to wear their art on their sleeves. The collection launches this week and will be available in the Tate Modern and Britain stores alongside the Lazy Oaf site and Fouberts Place store.

Pieces to make you want to 'arty hard include:


Three unisex t-shirt designs including The Tourist, I Like to Arty Hard and the Stationery T


The Pencil tote with a different coloured pencil gracing each side.


The Stationery badge pack, necklace and brooch set including a pencil, Biro and the Ruler of the world.

To celebrate the launch, they will be holding a big event at Tate Modern at the end of July, more information is on its way.