Marseille has held an allure for me ever since +1 editor Hoppy described it as being 'a law unto itself'. Apparently Marseillians don't consider themselves part of France, the world begins and ends with Marseille. If they could, they'd have their own government and their own laws, although it seems like they don't care much for the law. Crime rate is high, driving is survival of the fittest, and frankly they just don't give a fuck what you think of them. I respect that. Skating is high on the list of priorities with its infamous bowl near the Parc Borely, it is the home Pastis - a 40% proof, aniseed tasting aperatif, and their pizza is world renowned.

So it was with this in mind that we decided Marseille was to be the location for our cover shoot with shit-hot Roxy surfer Lee Ann Curren (daughter of legendary surf champ Tom Curren), and our fashion shoot, inspired by Hugh Holland's photographs of Californian skaters in the 70s - both for issue 20 (Aug/Sep).