If you’ve had enough of summer, bikinis, heat and flip-flops and can’t wait untill snow starts dumping on our upper half of the world, you still have the chance to enjoy an epic late starting season down at the Southern Hem.

The guys at Los Molles Backcountry, will have it set up for you so you only need to pack your gear, catch a plain to Buenos Aires or Santiago de Chile and shred the best powder on the Andes as soon as you arrive. They’re based in Los Molles, a tiny village just 15km away of the legendary mountain resort of Las Leñas –the resort just announced they’re open until October 5th.

Besides being close to the sickest lift access backcountry you can dream of, they have they’re own playground down there, in case you feel like avoiding lift tickets, and are more into hiking, splitboarding, sled or heliskiing and mostly, being surrounded by wild nature. At Los Molles, you’ll find guides, cozy lodging in beautiful cabins, good asados and excellent company. Just check they’re website losmollesback.com, contact them and book.