Swedish designed fashion brand Ninii and UK accessories brand Eka have undertaken an exciting new collaboration!

Ninii and eka have united to bring you a subscription to their monthly style update and a piece from their collections every month through your door, all for less than 1/2 retail price!

Your subscription will get you a key piece for your wardrobe each month with a fashion update on the trends of the season. The update will include make-up ideas, how-to’s on trendsand introduce you to the ninii-eka girl of the month as we probe the minds of innovative fashionistas out there.

"We wanted to offer our customers the opportunity to get our designer pieces at amazing prices and to also offer them a chance to know more about what influences our designs'' - says head designer at 'ninii' Annica Paulsson.

A 12 month subscription costs 325 SEK/£23 per month; 6 Months is 370 SEK/£26 per month