Did anyone else realise that their body needs to get into serious shape after a scorching bank holiday weekend?

Now is the time to say goodbye to the jeans and hello to bare pins, as Frame Fitness Studio in Shoreditch is offering a new a fun way to shed pounds and tone up with a variety of classes that will make you look forward to working out.

Frame offer a unique way of keeping fit with a 'Pay as you Go' scheme and 'Frame Top Up Card' for those who want to dedicate some time and money to their fitness cause without committing to a membership.

Here are only some of their new fun classes:

Bollywood Dance classes have never been more fun and better for the hips! Learn some serious moves straight from some of more energetic Bollywood movies learning traditional and modern Indian dance moves, as well as combining some jazz, hip hop and modern dance.

Burlesque This course may not be high on the cardio factor, but you'll be the best seductress and tease in town! Taken by fabulous London Showgirl Amber Topaz, the course will teach you how to shake your money maker, bump and grind, remove your stocking without falling over and if you're feeling really brave you can learn the ancient art of tassel twirling. The course will allow you to develop your stage persona, movement skills and burlesque dance moves as well honing down some fine flirting and teasing skills. Bring heels and be prepared to use a new prop every week!

Stomp Body Percussion If anyone has seen 'Stomp' in the West End, then you will have seen your future dance tutor Dan stomping his way through the routine on stage! Join this class and you'll learn the same high energy dance moves as they do on stage that will tone up your muscles and give you a work out like never before!

Diva Have you ever looked on longingly at Beyonce performing her 'Single Ladies' dance routine? Or wished that you could too dance like Nicole from the Pussy Cat Dolls? Well, this is the class for you. Every week you'll learn the latest dance moves to the latest hits, and you'll be able to win any dance-off on any dance floor.

House Dance We can't guarantee that you'll be yelling "Acciiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiddddddddddd" and throwing some Big Fish Little Fish shapes, but what we can guarantee is that this class is the most high-energy calorific-burning dance class that Frame offers with the most banging music.