The UK season closed up with nothing short of a cold snap. One minute we were cruising round the lake, the next it was snowing. Although short it was a cracking season with some of the best events the UK has seen to date. This included not one but two Wakestocks! It was here that I met the crew from G-shock and who are now my new and coolest sponsors ever! I’m definitely a watch person and feel naked without it so when they hooked me up with some of the latest models, which are shock and water proof, I was super stoked! I can ride my heart out and look the part and when I’m coaching I have the ultimate accessory. Thanx G-shockk you Rock! Check out their latest range, lots of colours and edgy styles.

Speaking of coaching I’m launching my on boat coaching business this summer in Australia! Stay tuned for my next blog, which will give all the details for you get involved! See you on the water! K