Name: Nicola Bunt

Age: 25

From: Badlands

Sponsors: Animal, Reef, Best Ever and Body Glove.

Talk us through your average day... I go to work in the morning to me lovely chambermaiding job til about 1.30pm, then go home and have some lunch before heading down to the beach for a surf. Afterwards I'll chill out, sun bathe and drink tea. Then if the waves are still looking good I'll have another surf or maybe go out for a bike ride. Finally, I'll head home for dinner and chill out with my boyfriend watching Eastenders and Big Brother!

How long have you been riding? 10 years

Best achievement: English Champion 2005

Best trick: In the pocket cut backs

Biggest rush: Every time I pull up at the beach and the waves are firing, perfect 3-4 right handers and the sun is shining!

Scariest moment: I was surfing north point with a few mates and a shark turned up - I've never got out of the water so quick!

Favourite riders: Tom Curren, Meline Bartel.

Favourite place to ride and why: THE Badlands when the banks are good.

What essential items do you pack in your suitcase for a trip? My GHD hair straighteners - I can't live without them.

Top 3 tunes: Anything by No Doubt, Pete Murray or Snow Patrol.

How do you stay in shape? Cycling, walking, swimming and of course surfing.

Top training tip: Try and get a surf in every day, even if it's looking shit!

Favourite foods: Anything Mexican.

Must-have beauty product: Aussie hair conditioner.

Beauty tip: Be natural!

Favourite clothing brands: Animal, Primark, H&M.

Fashion tip: Big Animal sunnies to hide my red eye after surfing all day!

Which celeb's style do you admire? Kate Hudson and Cameron Diaz.

Favourite quote: Go hard or go home!

Before I die I want to: Surf heaps more and more and more and more!