Nike ACG Sweetspots kick-start summer with a celebration of its athletes’ most prized achievements on film. The 3-4 minute clips will be released every few weeks throughout the summer with jaw-dropping stories of athletes tackling seemingly insurmountable terrain.

Sweetspots launches the summer program with three stories featuring some of the world’s best talent. Follow established BASE jumper, Tom Erik Heimen, as he chases flying nirvana in his wingsuit; world-respected whitewater kayaker Brad Ludden returns to conquer his nemesis on the Mekong River; and Axel Ballay and Micky Fuselier travel to southern China where they explore epic walls and open up the hardest route in the country.

Following this launch, there will be five additional Sweetspot films released during the summer: Andre Bach; BASE jumping with Plastikk Media in Eikesdalen (Norway) Micky Fuseilier; climbing with Evrard Wendenbaum in Choranche (France) Laurent Niol; BASE jumping with Happy Ride in the Atlas Mountains (Morocco) Liv Sansoz; climbing with Evrard Wendenbaun in Hampi (India) Mariann Saether; kayaking with Revolutionary Innovations on the White Nile (Uganda) Watch the footage here!