This was the first time a snowboard camp for girls has had so many participants in Norway. There were more than 70 girls who joined the event, and 48 of them took part in the contest! With so many girls in one contest, a new Norwegian record was seen! Finnish and Swedish girls even made their way to participate in the event and the age difference was yet another positive thing; the girls’ ages ranged from 11 to 32 years old.

It has already been agreed, there will definitely be another Nikita Chickita Norway event next year!

Kick start in the cabins There was some chaos at the small Geilo train station Friday night when 50 girls arrived. Not knowing exactly what lay in store for them, they were very excited and loaded with high expectations. For many of the girls, the Nikita Chickita contest was going to be their first competition ever and they had tons of questions at the dinner. The girls wanted to know everything!

All girls were visited after they had found their way to the cabins to make sure they were settled. They seemed relaxed and were hangin’ out true girl style. It got even better when they received their goodie bags each. Clothes, hair products, magazines, stickers and posters were bound to be a success! No wonder when the girls received products they would pay over a 1000 Norwegian Kroner for in the shops.

Most of the participants’ point scores varied over the runs including winner Cecilia Larsen. After gaining only 17th best point score in the 1st final round, she still managed to win 1st Place after a great second final round. A jump in the last round also gave her the Best Trick prize. The riders coming in behind Cecilia included Dina Treland, Silje Johnsen, Gro Berentsen, Ingrid Alm and Martina Nicoline Næss. Nora Thompson, who finished in 15th Place, got the Second Best Trick prize and a watch from Vestal. 11 year old Caroline Herleiksplass got Electric Hype of the day, a word for her radical guts at such a young age. In addition, all girls who entered the contest got their final positions called out and each received a Nikita bag as a reward.

Photo session After a long and exiting day, some of girls were still ready for more riding in the evening’s organized nightshoot. Each girl who took part got a photo. A funbox, made especially for the occasion, invited the remaining hardcore riders to go forth, with cameraman Otto at the ready.

On Sunday the girls were able to go snowboarding in the Geilo ski resort, hang out or jump on the trampoline in the Nikita Playground. There was also a well deserved BBQ in the Nikita Playground with photos being taken.

Tired, happy and satisfied, all the girls were driven to the train station Sunday evening. All in all, this was a very successful event with a lot of happy girls in a great park under perfect blue skies. At Saturday’s dinner, about 30 of the girls asked for Nikita Chickita Norway to happen again – they have their wish!

Thanks to Response for organizing the first Nikita Chickita Norway. See you again next year folks!!

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