Nine Queens Livigno 2014 - The Castle is Ready

We most certainly are, practically heading down there right now, to join a little GoPro filming session! And we are super excited about it too, not because we'll slide anywhere near the monster of a kicker or should we say castle they've built for the girls to jump over, but because we'll be riding and playing around with some of the most adorned ladies of shred out there!

Nine Queens 2014 Dinner

Check out the full list of attending riders (on one board and two) on and make sure to check back here tomorrow for some updates live from the grounds where it has more snow than we've seen all winter!!

And here's a little video too, to whet your appetites for the big action lined up for the weekend...

(Sidenote: if you wondered why the video title says "Nine Knights" - it's because the very same set up is used for the guys event coming up next week. Just saying....)