The winter sports tradefair ispo is world-famous for it's party mayhem and this year the Australian surf and snowwear brand Rhythm have set up the mother of all party mayhems with A Night On Site!

Spreading over two floors, there will be live art shows, music performance, film and photo goodness, drinking, partying and of course loads and loads of dancing to various DJs and music styles! So if you're around Munich next weekend, make sure to come shake your booties with us!

And to get you in the right mood, there will be updates and features of the involved artists on their Facebook page!

Party Facts

Herr Hotter

Hotterstraße 10

80331 Munich

Sunday, January 29th

High Voltage Humans (D) I DJ Bozo (SWE)

Monday, January 30th

Elektrik Kezy Mezy (D)

Valentino (D) I DJ Darxeyes (DSL Mag)


Carlos Blanchard (ESP) / Silvano Zeiter (CH) / Petter Cohen (SWE) / Crista Leonard (AD) / Benji (F) / Ryan Nix (AUS) / CASE (D) / Schoph Schophield (UK) / Erik “BOZO" Lööf (SWE) / Crille Rask (SWE) / Adrian Schnerring (D) / Tadeas Kopca (CZE) / Gabriela Cinkova (CZ)