Surfer and eco-warrior Holly Beck has teamed up with Creative Allies to create an art contest inspired by water-related themes like waves, flow and fluidity. The winning work will be turned into a print for a limited edition of t-shirts, prints and iPhone cases, with the profits going to the Waves of Hope charity for which Holly is an ambassador. Plus the winner will receive a prize of $1,500.

Submissions deadline is June 19th and there will be a voting period from June 25th through July 6th, until the winner is announced on August 2, 2012.

Suggested Theme & Style

Think about the concepts of waves, flow and fluidity and take the time to come up with a great idea for an attractive and utterly unique illustration. Use Holly's style and accomplishments as inspiration, but don't include her name or likeness in your design.

Things You Need To Include

Submit original art and illustrations inspired by water-related themes like waves, flow and fluidity.

Text is allowed but not required in your design.

Things You Should Avoid

Do not include Holly's name or likeness or the name of the non-profit Waves of Hope.

Do not use stock images, clip art or photographic elements. Original art and illustrations are preferred.

Respect copyright. Do not submit copyrighted work.