Nike sure are on a roll recently, and their latest initiative taps into that age old agenda many girls experience: wanting to physically improve themselves. Working on health and fitness can do wonders for both physical and mental well being: we sure know that yoga is awesome TLC for the body and soul, and that regular surfs, bike rides, or whatever it is that you floats your boat, is great medicine for the body (hell, it also helps that bikini body!)

After blowing our minds with their progressive and rad as hell surf flick ‘Leave a Message’, surfers Laura Enever and Monyca Byrne-Wickey are fronting Nike’s latest campaign, “Make Yourself", shot by uber-photographer Annie Liebovitz, geared at inviting women to participate on the Nike women’s Facebook page, setting personal goals with fitness and healthy eating, in turn motivating others to hop on their bikes/enjoy the sun with regular runs on the beach.

Check out the Nike women's Facebook page to get involved!