Just came back from a week in Chamonix. Went there for a photo shoot for Berghaus doing next years autum/winter catalogue. I was quite lucky because we had some days off in the middle of it all so I had a day to go skiing down the Valle Blanche, and also a to go jumping. There´s a nice accesible cliff only half an hour away from Chamo in the small town of Magland.

It is quite frequently jumped as one can see because there is already a path leading to the exit. But it is still not easy to find if one has never been, so a friend of mine hooked me up with a French skier and jumper called Seb who took me and my friend to the cliff and showed us both the normal exit point and a new one they had recently opened. We jumped the new one first which I thought was really scary because it was positive (meaning not overhanging as most cliffs we jump in Norway are) and you had to run and leap over a nice ledge which was just below the exit....gnarly! The rest of the jumps were just fun compared to that one:-) The photo shoot went really well and I returned home with a nice easter tan;-)

Right now I´m enjoying the holidays with friends in Hemsedal, a ski station in Norway, the snow is hard and the wind is howling, but as I´ve learned it is not always important what you do, but who you do it with:-)