Professional longboarder Ashley Lloyd has joined forces with eco-surf brand Wave Tribe, the only global company designing and manufacturing organic, hemp and recycled plastic surf bags and accessories.

Lloyd is a natural fit in the tribe with her deep connection to ecological stances in surfing: she currently shapes her own boards out of Biofoam and uses ecological products when on the road. Seth Pettersen of Wave Tribe, says: "Whether she's shaping boards, teaching people how to surf, putting her toes on the nose, or playing music, Ashley puts her soul into it."

After surfing in mainland Mexico in February, Lloyd was repulsed by the pollution choking the ocean. It was around that time that she and Wave Tribe crossed paths. "Teaming up with a company like Wave Tribe helps me make a positive difference... Wave Tribe's environmental ethics stand out as an example to other companies in what can be done in today's surf industry," she says.

Wave Tribe's core principle of replacing toxic and over-produced materials with recycled and organic quality is the foundation of their mission to create a symbiotic relationship between sport and planet. Sponsoring Lloyd takes Wave Tribe's eco-message to global levels on the surf circuit. Wave Tribe's core values reflect the dedication of sustainable surfers, keeping the waters of the world clean for the next great ride.