Things have been pretty full on recently, I'm gonna try and recap what happened over the past few weeks:

First, the Red Bull Hike & Ride. For those of you who've never heard of it, it's a short movie competition organized by, errrrr, Red Bull, it takes places every year and teams of two are invited to represent their country. This year, Johno Verity and Adam Gendle made up the UK team. The boys had to drive to Zurich to find out where they were allowed to film (the whole entire bloody canton of Valais!!!), then they got given some filming equipment and off they went to Verbier.

They had two days to film a three minute movie which had to include some hiking, some riding and some Red Bull. Then they had to drive back to Zurich where they had a day to edit the whole thing. I was there pretty much all along and I gotta say, I was impressed, they worked so hard, had the best storyline, the coolest props, yet they only came second. Everyone thought they'd win so it was a bit of a disappointment, check it out on

Then I went heliskiing in Canada. We were in a lodge in the middle of nowhere about 6 hours north of Whistler with nothing to do but heliski. Sounds like a dream, hey? Well, it was, the few times I was allowed up in the chopper and down the mountain were AMAZING, bottomless powder and all, except I wasn't allowed up as much as I would've liked to partly due to lack of space (I didn't pay for this trip so I could only go up when there was a free spot), but also because of my eurotrash potty mouth, apparently. To cut a long story short, the local Canadian guides didn't appreciate my swearing (I used to F word twice after a long, hard hike) and decided to play dad and punish me, which kind of sucked. It meant spending a lot of time by myself with not much to do but go crazy so if you want to see what that does to me check out the following link, though I should warn you, I (or we, as you'll be able to tell from the video) was suffering from a very bad case of cabin fever: