In the latest issue of Cooler we introduce the most promising new talents on the Euro shred scene, but those are by far not all! You should also keep an eye on the following ladies:


She was the youngest contestant at the Juniors World Championships in Japan this year, but her riding shows that she's already a real ripper rather than a little girl. So far her most prestigous results were probably winning the Halfpipe contest at Burton European Open in the youth categorie in 2008 and in the juniors categorie in 2009.

Age: 14 From: France Sponsors: Roxy,Salomon, Docmeter and Level

Years riding? 7, competing 6 years

First day on a board? I was taught how to ride by a coach. He had a skipool between my feet to direct me and to help me to turn!!!

Coolest trick? FS and BS 540

Best trip? New Zealand, summer 2008

Turn Pro? Of course, that's my dream!!!

If not? Photography or filming, later I'd like to be Team Manager.

Other snow goals? X-Games, Olympic Games and Burton European Open in the senior category.

Idols? I love Torah Bright because she is the best female snowboarder in the world, I love her tricks in the halfpipe. She's nice and she's a Roxy girl!

Favourite riding spot? Avoriaz (french Alpes), Saas Fee and Laax (both in Switzerland)


Don’t be fooled by the missing list of contest results, Miri’s skills on rails are so impressive, that pro rider Tobi Strauss thought she was a boy when they first met: “Only when she put down her goggles I noticed she’s a girl! When she’s done her A-levels she’ll be on fire - watch out!"

Age: 20 From: Germany Sponsors: Drake, Northwave, DC, Airblaster, Goodstuff

Years riding? 4

First day on a board? It was a cloudy, foggy, drizzly day at a little resort next to my Grandmas home, I was falling on my knees all the time and I hated it. I cursed snowboarding and promised I'd never ever try it again… Well, I'm not really good in keeping promises..haha

Best trip? There are so many good and funny trips I went on, but I guess the best trip was a trip with good friends to Laax, CH in 2007.

Turn pro? Well, first of all I want to finish school this year with a good graduation. Then I’ll take a gap-year for snowbaording and travelling and after that, I'll see.

Other snow goals? To learn lots of new tricks so I’ll never stall, and have a fun times with my friends.

Idols? I love Marie France Roys snowboarding because she got kickerskillz as well as railskillz. But I think my real heroes in snowbaording are my friends Basti Rittig, Daniel Raycsanji,Flo Geiger and Felix Urbauer, because they inspire me, Mario Wanger and my boyfriend Tom Klocker and the Zillertal connection because they are always super motivated and creative in their type of riding


We're not sure wether it's something in their genes, in the water up there in the north or just the cold weather that makes them think of snow all the time but Thea is already the third shreddet from Norway we're presenting in our rookie feature. Maybe we would have found out if she'd gotten the chance to compete in the Roxy Chicken Jam last December where she was first in the open qualification but unfortunately the event was cancelled and so we'll have to watch out for her next season.

Age: 24 From: Norway Sponsors: Nikita, Bataleon, 32, Etnies, Von Zipper, Skeikampen and Egil Stenshagen Bil AS

Years riding? About 12 years now!

Why snowboarding? I tried it someday in my home resort Skeikampen when they had a free rental day and loved it right from the start.

First day on a board? Some friends were trying it as well. We fell a lot, but we all loved it.

Coolest trick? I think I would have to say TINDY!!!!!!

Best trip? The trip to Lebanon with the best crew ever, Julia Baumgartner, Conny Bleicher, Diana Sadlowski and the photographer Carlos Blanchard. It was amazing, nothing as I had expected.

Turn pro? Yes, I would like to be able to travel the world and see new places.

If not? Maybe a doctor, but I don’t know if I want to spend that many years in school. So I’ve been thinking of becoming a paramedic and a physiotherapist as well.

Other snow goals? I want to push myself into becoming a better snowboarder, then of course it would be great to make a living out of snowboarding.

Idols? All girls with good style.

Favourite riding spot? My favourite resorts are Mammoth Mountain in California and Kläppen in Sweden. TO SEE AND BE SEEN

Burton AM Tour Series of TTR 2stars events all over Europe, all tour stop winners receive a starting slot for the Burton European Open slopestyle, the overall winner is fully invited to next year’s BEO with slopestyle, halfpipe and full accommodation.

Chill & Destroy 10 stops in Austria, Germany, France and Switzerland including three 3stars events where you can collect TTR ranking points.

World Rookie Tour Four events spread over the Northern Hemisphere to win tickets to other events, photo shoots, interviews and much more.

Nikita Chickita Girls slopestyle contest, winner gets a one-year-sponsorship contract with Nikita.