When bag-loads of the white stuff fell from the skies at the Roxy Chicken Jam at Mammoth Mountain, organisers made the call to cancel the slopestyle event...and instead swiftly resorted to their Plan B : a GoPro video challenge! Teams of 3 were formed by pulling names from a hat, then each team was given 2 cameras and let loose to go capture the best snowboarding footage for the chance to win thousands of dollars. The girls clearly made the most of the monumental dump - 600 + inches to be exact (hey, send some of that our way over in Europe next time please !) - and the winning team was made up of Ty Walker, Erin Comstock and Kimmy Fasani, with Torah Bright, Chanelle Sladics and Celia Miller taking home a prize for submitting the funniest footage. Check out the highlights below and for more!