Yes yes we know this is last week's fish and chip wrapper but we were on holiday in a land of no wifi (yay) and lots of jellyfish (boo) so couldn't post until now. But what a super cool event this year's Roxy Pro France ended up being (rescheduled as it was after the awesome weather in July). You can see what I mean from the highlights reel below but the big news was that Sally Fitzgibbons WON her first event of 2013, which seems mental considering how strong a surfer she is. Guess that tells you everything you need to know about the level of surfing on this year's tour.

She beat Steph Gilmore in the quarters (in what many called the heat of the contest) Carissa Moore in the semis, and Tyler Wright in the final, Tyler having knocked out Lakey Peterson in her semi. And Sally and Tyler both scored perfect tens during the contest. Sally said:

I’m so stoked, it’s been a long road this year and I wanted to finish strong. In that final we switched peaks and I was just sorting things out when she got that 10, and I couldn’t hear anything after that. I got that last good one and I was hoping it would be enough. It’s the most amazing feeling ! I’ve got my brother and my dad here and all my family watching online, they’ve been there for me every step of the way !

But aside from being stoked for Sally what does this really mean ahead of this weekend's EDP Cascais Girls Pro event in Portugal? It means we have a monster showdown between Carissa Moore and Tyler Wright ahead of us that's what!

They're separated by just 200 points on the leader board. Carissa lies in first on 54,700 points with Tyler on 54,500 so whoever places higher this weekend will win the ASP Women's World Tour 2013. BOOM! By winning in Hossegor last week, Sally Fitzgibbons did give herself a lifeline though it’s a teeny one. She’d need to win the EDP Cascais taking her from 49, 400 points to 59, 400 though she’d also need Carissa and Tyler to both suffer an unprecedented loss of form and finish no higher than ninth which is as unlikely as um Bodhi's fabled 50 year storm from Point Break showing up on Brighton beach this weekend (though how good would that be!).

All eyes on Portugal this weekend and we'll be posting regular updates on the site (once again please excuse the reduced posts over the last two weeks during our holiday, we're fully back in the house now!).