Nike has just launched the Nike+ SportBand, a handy GPS training device that you can pop on your wrist before training to access your real-time statistics including pace, distance, time and calories burnt at a glance.

Worn on the wrist, run information is stored and displayed in a detachable USB unit built into the band that receives data from a sensor located in your Nike+ enabled footwear. Lightweight, water resistant and fully rechargeable, the Nike+ SportBand can store up to 16 hours of run data!

Workout commences by pressing and holding the start/stop button. Hold down the same button to end your workout and review run information. Visual feedback can be viewed during your run by pressing a second ‘toggle’ button. After your workout simply remove the USB connector and plug directly into your Mac or PC to store your run data in a personal workout log on the nikeplus website. From there you can review your training progress, evaluate your goals and challenge other Nike+ runners to run faster or further.