While the freeriders threw themselves down the faces of Kirkwood yesterday night, the slopestylers battled it out for the semi finals at the Burton US Open in Vail and came one step closer to the finals of this year's World Snowboard Championships in Slopestyle.

Canadian Spencer O’Brien led the women’s field with her winning run that included a frontside boardslide, MINI wallride to gap to frontsidelipslide, 50-50 frontside 180 out, switch backside 180 mute grab, and a frontside 360 to backside 540 indy grab. Right behind her was Jamie Anderson (USA) in second and Brooke Voigt (CAN) in third. In total, 21 women from 11different countries battled it out on the slopestyle course and the top sixriders will advance to the finals.


1. Spencer O’Brien CAN - 75.33

2. Jamie Anderson USA - 74.88

3. Brooke Voigt CAN - 70.08

4. Sarka Pancochova CZE - 69.53

5. Christy Prior NZL - 63.53

6. Shelly Gotlieb NZL - 62.00

Stay tuned for the rest of the action!

Jamie Anderson letting off some steam in the jib section