The weather pretty much makes or breaks the Boardmasters and thankfully this year (unlike last year where it pissed it down the whole time) we had blue skies and sweet waves. In fact, I had to go buy some kids factor 50 and still my freckles made an appearance post-surf.

The whole experience this year was immensely enjoyable (Newquay can be quite scary at times). Possibly down to the fact that I stayed with the Oakley crew, including Jenny Jones, Vicci Miller and Lois Pendlebury, in the Headland cottages which are pretty damn plush. And we had quite a blast. After watching the premiere of the new Kelly Slater movie, Cloud Nine, Thursday night's proceedings kicked off with a BBQ at the Oakley cottage for about 30. I nipped out to check out Animal's new range of wetsuits that they've just launched then came back to bang the chocolate bananas on the BBQ before heading off into town to the Vans party where Gentleman's Pistols had a good go at tearing our eardrums in half.

Friday morning, and a little too early for most people's liking, I piggy backed onto the Oakley team's surf lesson. Even though they were pretty much beginners Vicci and Lois had it dialed by the time the session was up. And Leo (Forte, of BMX fame) had to be dragged out of the water (not literally) by the instructor he was having so much fun.

We didn't make it over to the music festival on the Friday night. Some of us had gone too big on the Thursday, not mentioning any names Kellie and Heather from Oakley! But it was a tactical manouvre which meant we were fresh as a daisy for a surf on Saturday morning and well up for Cypress Hill at the music festival that night. But not before eating the biggest fish feast I've ever had the good fortune to be involved in at the Harbour restuarant. There was shark, crab claws x 2 massive bowls, mussels x 2, monk fish x 2, pearch x 2, big platter of chicken, potato, pasta and green salads, chips, bread and olives. Phew! 12 of us didn't even make a dent on the amount of food. Wish I'd lined my pockets with plastic bags.

We found the Desperado/Jaegermeister tent at the music festival so needless to say Sunday was a write-off. We watched the vert finals where some pretty sick stuff was laid down, particularly by 17 year old Sam Beckett, then headed back to London. At one point the whole horizon near Bristol was full of hot air balloons. Maybe we were tripping through tiredness but it looked pretty cool.

Here are a few snaps courtesy of the Oakley party-cam.... (if you want to see more check out their blog here)