Rogue Skateboards founder and Girl Skate Jam UK organiser, Jenna Selby appears in this months Transworld Business Magazine. The article entitled 'Most Influential Women in Action Sports' looks at different women’s achievement within their own discipline (skateboarding, surfing or snowboarding) - profiling who they are and how they are changing the face of the action sports industry for the better.

Although many of the women interviewed are top flight professionals, Jenna was asked to be involved because the guys at Transworld had heard about her grass roots involvement with the progression of the female skateboard scene. Including her organisation of a decade of competitions, female skate tours and her filming of the first European female skateboard film 'As If and What?'.

The interview discusses why she decided to start up an all female skateboard company and her views on sponsorship today for up-and-coming female athletes. The magazine article itself is only a snippet of the full interview - the whole thing will appear online in the next few weeks.

Last year was the first time the magazine ran the article. Transworld interviewed such legends as Circe Wallace - 'athlete, agent and ambassador of action sports. A snowboarder who became pro, paving the way for an entire generation of female snowboarders. She also applied her keen business sense to help top talent achieve success both on and off the hill, having represented some of action sport's biggest names including Travis Rice, Ryan Sheckler and Paul Rodriguez.'

They also covered Megan Baltimore - 'co-founder of Girl Distribution Company, she has has helped build one of the most creative and influential skate companies in the industry, largely from behind the scenes'.

Jenna's Transworld interview