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Kinetic North Foundation has unilaterally terminated the contract for leasing property at the SkatePark Amsterdam NDSM area as of the 1st of August.

After almost 12 years they have decided to end the partnership between the Kinetics Foundation and North SkatePark Amsterdam Foundation. SkatePark Amsterdam has been the co-initiator for starting the biggest art and culture breeding area of Europe at the NDSM wharf, Amsterdam.

Our reach since 2005 has been more than 600,000 people worldwide… and still counting. In 2011 we received over 37,000 visitors to the park and each week we gave lessons to over 100 kids! All of this possible through pure skateboarding and BMX.

We are a city youth project which is highly rated internationally and was created by skaters, for skaters. This is something we are very proud of and we believe to be the reason for our growth and success in the international community.

We pay rent and do not get government funding.

Since December 2011 negotiations with Kinetic North Foundation started with the aim to relocate the Skate Park Amsterdam, but without notice they surprised us with the recent announcement that Kinetic North Foundation will put an immediate stop to the negotiation and chose to terminate the current lease contract and in essence evict SkatePark Amsterdam from its home.

Kinetic North Foundation has made it very clear that they want to re-develop the NDSM warehouse for possible office buildings. Things the city has an abundance of and does this without supporting or relocating Skatepark Amsterdam. This action is thus destroying the community that not only uses this park locally in Amsterdam, but also destroying the community that has been created across the globe that has used and benefitted by SkatePark Amsterdam. SkatePark Amsterdam has been a destination for people of all ages, both sexes, families, communities, professionals, creatives and put Amsterdam on the map.

We need your help to band together and show the city and this foundation of development that we are a community that is willing to fight for what they love and believe in and demand to save the SkatePark Amsterdam.

Please support this campaign and sign up, promote it to your friends on facebook, everyone else's friends on facebook or instagram, send the petition to the brands that support the park, basically to everyone and anyone who understands the importance of having this park and what it provides to the community of Amsterdam and beyond.

We ask that you sign the petition before the 1st of August to make it very clear to the tenant SKN and the Amsterdam City Council that we dont want to leave. Let us stay, lets develop together, as we have only just got started!

Thanks from SkatePark Amsterdam