So it looks like slopestyle may be getting a green light for the Winter Olympics in Sochi in 2014, according to TTR sources. We could stroke our chins all day as to whether snowboarding has a place in the Olympics at all or whether its natural home is the X Games and TTR or even just your favourite hill but it's hard to ignore what massive news this is for the sport.

It probably helped that snowboard cross looked so fresh and exciting at the Vancouver Olympics in 2010 to a global public bored rigid with the likes of biathlon and figure skating and that slopestyle kicks ass creatively especially compared to the more regimented half pipe.

Our thoughts have already turned to who's going to win. Jenny Jones told us last week that "if she felt her riding was still at a high enough standard she would like to give it a crack," so we're already rooting for her and no doubt some more young cubs will have come through by then, perhaps including little Aimee Fuller who we're properly excited about. Bring it on.