We love brands that don't just shrink their regular models to make it a women's product, but actually put some thought to it and think about our specific needs. That's why we love Bliss Gloves, the new girl's line by Level so much: their gloves are designed by women who love snow with the latest Level technology and is represented by top level international teams.

The snowboard team includes Tania Detomas, Sarka Pancochova, Aimee Fuller, Anni Kuortti, Bibi Maiocco, Claire Chapotot and Emma Bernard, while the ski team consists of Arianna Tricomi, Silvia Bertagna, Katia Griffith and Deborah Scanzio. A true girls brand from the core, Bliss also supports photographers Vanessa Andrieux and Eleonora Raggi.

We've even teamed up with Bliss to create a unique special edition Bliss/Cooler glove, more on this to follow soon...