Exciting news from Camp Roxy reaches us today, as hot on the heels of their very successful summer Boardriders Weeks where lucky participants were taught by the likes of Sally Fitzgibbons and Jeremy Flores, comes the winter-incarnation of this fine idea.

If you fancy shredding with the likes of Roxy team riders including Margot Rozies then move quick as only 16 places are up for grabs for the 2 dates, in the motherland of epic European freeriding, Chamonix. British freeride legend and all-round cool dude James Stentiford will be on hand to impart years of snow-knowhow and couching, so expect serious progression, fun, and by the looks of it, bucketloads of powder. Clearly, a winning recipe.


The dates for this pow- fest will be from February 12th-16th (Roxy riders Lena Stoffel and Basa Stevulova attending) and February 19th-26th ,(with Andea Binning and Margot Rozies) and is open to snowboarders and skiers alike. Looks rad-iculous. See y'allthere!!

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