Anyone who has ever had their bike stolen knows that it sucks. Of course there are a lot worse tragedies that can happen in life, but still, even if it was just an old mare you used to get to the train, you'll feel the pain of the less. And when you've put a lot of effort into it, customized it, spent money and everything, it's even more painful.

Enter Stolen Ride, a new and innovative service for Londoners that uses the power of social media to track down stolen bikes!

Stolen Ride is a new and innovative service for London cyclists that utilises the power of social networking and community spirit, with the sole aim of locating stolen bikes.

Users tweet the stolen bike details/photo, including location to the Stolen Ride community on Twitter. The community then comes to life, by retweeting the post so everyone can pull together and keep a look out for the bike. Every stolen ride gets pulled into to further extend the exposure. Users can easily connect directly with the bike owner from the website. The owner can then inform the police of the bike sighting.

Bicycle theft is a rising problem, which makes Stolen Ride an essential service for all Londoners to be aware of. The larger the community gets, the more powerful it will become!

So don't wait - join the community and take a picture of your bike, just in case...

Stolen Ride