The girls at CycleSurgery have sorted the rad from the bad and picked their best bikes for summer:

Words by Claire Collins @ CycleSurgery who have 18 stores across UK and Ireland Visit 0800 2988898

Urban/ hybrid bikes are great for getting to and from work. They can also handle rough river paths and parks for those who prefer the scenic route.

Trek 7.5 FX WSD £575 – comfortable, smooth ride thanks to Trek’s new WSD (Women Specific Design) geometry. Smooth gear shifting makes it easy for more mixed terrain.

Single speed/ fixed gear bikes are definitely cool for getting around and about town. Unless your town happens to be somewhere particularly hilly!

Wilier Pista £849 (exclusive to CycleSurgery) – Italian design makes the Pista ultra-stylish around town. Flip–flop hub means it easily switches from single speed to fixed wheel set-up.

Giant Bowery £450 – the Bowery comes in small frame sizes for girls and is lightweight for an easy ride. Chrome drop handlebars and stays give it a cool retro look, and you can choose to go brakeless if you want extra speed through town.

Brompton M3L £630 (with lights) Most popular model with CycleSurgery staff. Comes with 3 speed gears, mudguards and battery lights. Comes in variety of colours, we especially like the bright orange or white.

Road bikes. Whether you’re interested in racing, doing long rides or just want to get fit, the increased offering of women’s geometry road bikes bodes well for riding faster for longer.

• Starting Out: Giant Avail 3 £575: The Avail is lightweight and smooth, easy to pedal and control with a turn of speed when you most need it.

• Get Serious: Trek 1.9T WSD £1200: Trek's WSD (Women's Specific Design) range means we get bikes to fit our geometry - giving us more power to pedal, with less strain on the back, neck and shoulder. This makes all the difference on road bikes, where speed and endurance are key. The 1.9T is a road bike with all the pro level influences, combining a lightweight aluminium frame and carbon forks this bike will put you one step ahead of the pack.

• Starting Out: Giant Arete 3 £600: A safe bet from Giant, the Arete series is a range of performance Hardtails built for simplicity and efficiency. Easy maintenance means more time for riding or racing. Women’s geometry frame and lightweight.

• Get Serious: Specialized S-Works Safire FSR £4403.99: Easily the best women's XC Trail bike on the market, the Safire combines women's-specific geometry, 120mm travel shock, Total Suspension Integration and an intuitive Flow Control Brain damper to deliver a sure-fire combination of speed, efficiency and superior handling. Fit for any trail you want to attack.

Traditional bikes. Classic British bikes are good for riding to the local shops in your Sunday best. Basket compulsory, picnics optional.

Pashley Princess Sovereign £565 The epitome of an English Town & Country bicycle combined with Pashley’s exceptional build quality offers an unrivalled two-wheel experience.

Be sure to ask your employer about Cycle to Work schemes, a government funded scheme where you can purchase a bike tax free and pay for it through your PAYE. Visit

Or invest in a seasonal tune-up for your old bike. Most stores offer workshop services and depending on the state of your bike it will probably only cost around £100 to get it tip-top for the summer. New parts will be extra, but it’s easily way less than a monthly travel card.