ASP rookie Carissa Moore celebrated the end of high school with the ultimate graduation party: more than 400 guests and a jet ski!

“It was actually a kind of tough being away [on the WCT] during my senior year," said Moore who won the second event of the year, TSB Bank Women’s Surf Festival in April. “It’s a wonderful time and I’m lucky to be doing both of these things at once. I get to surf and do something I love, and come home and graduate with all of my friends. Sometimes you have to give and take a little bit, but I think I have the best of both worlds."

Moore was in a state of joy and shock upon receiving a Honda jet ski as a graduation gift at the under-aged rager that looked more like a 21-and-over club. This past winter she recently tow-surfed 12-to 15-foot Phantoms on the North Shore with Progressive Surfing Coach Myles Padaca. Moore’s grad gift will be put to good use this upcoming North Shore season.

Forget about My Super Sweet 16 because this event blew doors on the MTV reality TV show. Drive Thru founder Greg Browning documented the festivities for a big, future project with Moore. Nocturnal Sound Krew DJs kept the high school graduates bumping and grinding. While a graffiti artist, break dancers, photo booth and Wahoos Tacos kept guests entertained and satisfied.