So Rip Curl kindly sent us a few of their Rip Curl X Lomo cameras to test out last month and I’ve just got my first roll of film back… results were a bit of a mixed bag of successes and total fails but not bad for my first time with a film camera in years.

The first outing was for the I heart Les Ettes party at the Macbeth in London to celebrate the launch of Juliet Elliotts new signature lip gloss, Juli-ette… I struggled a little bit with the flash malarkey but a few came out ok.. Juliet’s tash is one of my favourites.

One of the best things about the Rip Curl Lomo is that it comes with a booklet of ideas you can try to make the most our of the manual controls on the camera, like exposing double images, or triple, or even upsidedown.

I went down to the south coast for a weekend of bike riding and running away from London and tried a few out.

This double exposure of me on the beach went pretty well


As did the ‘reflection shot’


Over exposed boyfriend-at-the-pub shot not so successful…


In all about half the film was rad, the other half a bit shady, mostly due to my own incompetence. Watch this spot for test run number two, hopefully with a higher success rate!