The 10th Annual TransWorld SNOWboarding Riders’ Poll Awards will be kicking off in Vegas on Wednesday, January 28. This invite-only event brings out top snowboarding pros to cheer on their own picks for the top spots in the sport. And the nominees are...

Men’s Rider Of The Year: Travis Rice (Lib Tech) Jake Blauvelt (Forum) Gigi Rüf (Volcom)

Women’s Rider Of The Year: Torah Bright (Roxy) Jamie Anderson (Salomon) Marie-France Roy (Rome)

Men’s Rookie Of The Year: Louif Paradis (Salomon) Eiki Helgason (Rome) Lucas Debari (Burton)

Women’s Rookie Of The Year: Raewyn Reid (DC) Bev Vuilleumier (Salomon) Ellery Hollingsworth (Burton)

Men’s Video Part Of The Year: Travis Rice: Brainfarm/That’s It That’s All Pat Moore: Forum/Forum Or Against ‘Em Jake Blauvelt: Forum/Forum Or Against ‘Em

Women’s Video Part Of The Year: Annie Boulanger: Absinthe/Ready Marie-France Roy: Rome/No Correct Way Natasza Zurek: Runway/See What I See

Standout Of The Year: Travis Rice—That’s It, That’s All Involvement/New tricks Gigi Rüf—Three Film Parts in One Season Johan Olofsson—NoBoarding Film Part in Aesthetika

Readers’ Choice: Men’s and Women’s Winners TBA

Congratulations to all the nominees!