So the season is slowly but surely coming to an end, the homerun at Grands Montets is getting shorter everyday as the incredibly strong sun melts the snow away, everyone has really ugly sunburns and weird tanlines and most of my seasonnaire buddies have gone home to go back to their everyday life... I, on the other hand, have been enjoying the hell out of the empty runs, been jibbing up the Bochard and Flegere, been riding the park like crazy, I can now grab every bit of my board though I have no idea what the grabs are actually called, I tweak them too which is a major improvement as I'm now starting to (finally) look decent on my board. And I've done all that in a T- shirt, which is a wicked feeling.

I've also started giving editing a go, been working on Snowfix for a while now and been attending a few movie comps and the whole filming and piecing a movie together seemed very appealing so I grabbed a camera, two of my friends and my BMX and this is what happened: