Vans Hi-Standard Series

Vans decided most certainly not and is launching a brand new and somewhat revolutionary new contest series this year: the Hi-Standard Series that is all about expressing your individual style and creativity instead of the old spin to win (rotations over 720 degrees are not permitted!).

Keeping it real and back to the roots, they allow anyone with a board under their feet to enter in two categories (above and under 16) and judge by style and creativity, giving out Van Doren dollars for every styled out trick (no repeats allowed) over the big air jump as well as a rail jam and extra titles for the most valuable riders and the worst bail.

But since event the best things have a crux, here it comes: the three events only have 66 spots available each, so make sure to show up on time! Your ticket will be covered.


March 12th 2013: Restaurant L’altiport, Les Arcs/FR

March 23rd 2013: Vans Penken Park, Mayrhofen/AT

April 6th 2013: Cairngorm, Scotland/UK

Sign-up: 8:30 am

Contest: 10:00 am

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