"Virginie Faivre came first in the World Cup standings, having fully demonstrated her skills. She scored over 40 points on both rounds in the qualification to place first, and went on to score 40.4 points on her first round of the finals. The other athletes couldn't match her score, and she secured the gold medal before performing her second round. Megan Gunning (Canada) won the silver medal, and Jennifer Hudak (USA), who was second in qualification, could not raise her score in the finals and ended with the bronze medal."

This is what Virginie had to say after the finals:

Q:How are you feeling? A:Amazing. It’s great, unbelievable. Today is the best day of my life.

Q:Did you like all your tricks? A:I didn’t do my final, but it was enough. I don’t care. So happy to have good season. How do you say world champion in Japanese?

Q:Sekai-champion. A:Sekai-champion.

Photo credits: O’Neill