Dashanka Prochazka is an artist who spends her time designing sweet gear for Volcom. We take a peek at her new range of designs and find out what inspires her work...

From: Dagiland

How did you get into art? It was simply a case of surrendering to my true nature. It was the one thing I was really passionate about so I decided to persue it as a full-time career. I have been slowly building it up and I'm definitely in it for the long run.

How did you get involved in designing for Volcom? They saw my artwork and the way that I had been customising my own clothes and liked what I did. I had also been doing some creative work for Ksubi so I had some experience.

Can you give us a run down of your average day? I get up with the sun, meditate, then draw, paint, surf or just do something creative. Then I'll take a lunch break, before getting back to doing something creative. I'll do some yoga or surf, meditate to wind down, then enjoy dinner with family or friends. I get my creative ideas from my daily experiences, so I like to squeeze as much as possible into each day.

And if you could have the perfect day, what would it include? All of the above, plus I'd like to play cards with my grandparents or travel to the planet pluto and back if that's possible in one day!

What have been your biggest setbacks? Losing myself and then blaming external circumstances or other people for it.

What have your greatest achievements been so far? I've learnt to love myself and look after my own needs before others.

Who or what are your inspirations? Friends, family, strangers, feelings, traditions, travel, old and new knowledge, evolution.

What affect does your career have on your personal life? It's hard to see the borderline between the two sometimes. I miss the fact that I'm hardly ever at home chilling.

How do you relax when you get the chance? Meditate or have some hammock time.

What’s up next for you? The Dashenka European Art Tour for Volcom.

I can’t get enough of… my man’s kisses.

I feel pressure when… my mom's unhappy.

Life is hard… when you don’t follow your charm.

Life is good… to you always.

When times are tight… throw away your watch.

The reason I hate… fear is it can make us into monsters.

The reason I love… love is it makes us who we are.

My ultimate motivation is… passion.

My biggest fear is… losing myself.

When the day is done… the next is rising.

Before I die I want to… bliss out.

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