Well it’s still pretty green out here! Snow fall, as you probably know, has been minimal so riding has been pretty limited. Avoriaz has been open so I have been heading up there and broke out my new board that I love, a K2 Skyla. It’s so light, flexible and responsive which has been so essential riding on the busy slopes, if you are looking for an all round board that can handle most terrain then definitely go for this one. Plus, I know that I’m not supposed to be effected by this, but it’s got some really cool graphics on it too! I’ve also been finding new people to ride with; a group of lads who are pretty experienced invited me along to their session yesterday. Riding with guys is so different, once you get over the initial embarrassment of being so much worse than them then it’s cool, because they push themselves faster and harder which is completely inspiring.

It seemed that the whole of the UK snow sports industry was out in Morzine over Christmas and New Year, including peeps from Red Bull, Oakley, 32 and Snowboard Club UK so a few blurred nights in Cavern and Paradis were had!

I also managed to meet with Gilly Seagrave and Emma Lea Rogers who run Our Camps here in Morzine, basically it’s a camp for girls who wish to take their riding to the next level. Their first camp kicks off this week, but if you are into riding the park with like minded girls in an inspiring atmosphere, then check their website www.ourcamp.co.uk for details of other dates etc.

That’s all for now, hopefully the next time I add a blog I will be telling you all about the powder!.......Victoria x