London Surf Film Festival - Win tickets & goodie bag

The London Surf Film Festival is kicking off this Thursday, October 11th 2012 in the Riverside studios and we're hoping you're as stoked us we are to welcome our favourite sport back to the big screen!

Because if you are, you might be able to attend the Euro premiere of Sally on Saturday, October 13th, 8.40 pm for free and adorned with some fancy new sunnies from Oakley, a Xsories XS Case to keep all your thingies dry and a ltd ed Jam Tarts and Tractors LS/FF bag!

All you have to do is send an email subjected "London Surf Film Festival" to and let us know why you're more stoked than everyone else.


Directors: Simon Treweek & Nicholas Damen

AUS 2012 - 39 mins

European Premiere. “People do not travel if they are afraid of the unknown, afraid of stepping into the darkness. You see, travel is for the unknown…The further away you travel, the further you venture towards knowing yourself". Featuring a progressive band of stylish surfers including Craig Anderson, Ryan Callinan, Mitch Coleborn, Mikala Jones and Mikey Brennan as they journey between tropical paradise and frigid southern ocean points, Sally combines stunning cinematography and a sumptuous sound track in a tale of venturing forth, of stirring the soul and awakening the senses. This modern classic is a must-see.